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How We Work


The following is our standard process for all of our remodeling projects.

Phase  I:  Pre-Design

  1. Phone Appointment: Our process starts with a phone conversation with our designer to discuss your needs and see if we are potentially a good fit. If mutually agreed, we schedule an appointment to come to your home.

  2. Introductory Home Visit and Space Consultation:  The Owners, are Mike and Kathe Russell,  a contractor and designer team. We will personally visit your home to meet you, see your space, and discuss your goals and project budget​. We will also give you a ballpark budget range for your project.  

  3. Preliminary Scope of Work and Budget:  Then we will prepare a preliminary scope of work and good- better-best budget to help you decide the best way to proceed.  If you decide to move forward, we will do a design agreement and you will put a deposit down on your design.

Phase II: Design Development 

  1. Design Concepts and Budget: We will meet at your home to present some initial design concepts in 3-D that fit with your with your preliminary good/better/best budget.

  2. Design Completion: When we have an agreed upon a design concept and budget, we will complete the working drawings and scope of work for the project.

  3. Product Selections: The  owner/designer, Kathe, will work with you to make product selections for your project. You will have access to all of your selections on our project portal and you will approve or make changes to your product selections there. 

Phase III: Design Finalization

  1. Plan Review: After the design is complete and everything is selected for your project, the design team will meet with you for a final review of your design Any necessary revisions to your plan will be made during this process.

  2. Job Walk and Final Quote: Now that design is complete, contractor holds job walk with our work crew and subcontractors at your home to get final pricing on project. You will then meet with contractor Mike to review final scope of work and quote for your project.


Phase IV: Pre-Construction

  1. Review remodeling documents and sign contract:

    1. Review contract , general conditions, and required disclosure forms

    2. Review detailed job schedule with tasks, dates, and persons responsible

    3. Review progress draw schedule,

    4. Furnish deposit for $1,000 or 10% of the project cost, whichever is less.

  2. Pre-Construction Meeting: Meet with your contractor, Mike, prior to the project start date to review finalize logistics

  3. Start Construction! Your project will start according to schedule and you can keep track of the day to day activities and any changes to the calendars inside of your project portal.


Phase V: Construction


  1.  Your Contractor: Mike Russell is the Owner as well as your Contractor. He runs the day to day operations of your project and oversees all of the work crews.  He is available to answer all questions.

  2. Change Orders: If you would like to change or add something to the project, please feel free to discuss this with him.  He will initiate a change order , including getting pricing and your final approval. All change orders will be in writing. No new work will be started or products ordered without a change order signed by our clients.

  3. Punch List: At the end of the project, you will have a final walk through with your Contractor and he will create a punch list for your project.  The punch list is a list of any loose ends that still need to be addressed to complete your project.

  4. Warranty: Your warranty begins at the completion of the punchlist.  We provide a 3 year warranty on our labor and products are covered separately by the individual manufacturer warranties.


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