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How much does a kitchen remodel cost? What can I expect to pay for a bathroom remodel? What should I budget for remodeling my whole house? If you're thinking about remodeling, finding these answers can be tough. There are a number of  factors that will impact the cost of your remodeling project. The economy, where you live, your scope of work, and the selections are but a few of things that will need to be considered.


You may be surprised to learn that we are one of the few companies that posts project budget ranges for our projects online.  In fact, we routinely prepare good/better/best project budgets and scenarios for our clients before we enter into a design agreement with them. Here is a ballpark range for popular projects in the Sacramento area. 


Kitchen Remodels from $30,000 +

  • Mini-makeovers - refinishing cabinetry and new countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, basic appliances- $30,000- $40,000

  • Replacement kitchen- Medium sized kitchen, replacing everything, plumbing and electrical stays in same location- $60,000- $75,000

  • Large Kitchen- Open Plan, taking wall out, adding island, new everything, $80,000- $120,000 


Hall Baths from $20,000+

  • Hall Bath 1- replace everything, stay in existing locations, $20,000- $25,000

  • Hall Bath 2- convert tub to shower, replace everything $25,000-$30,000


Master Bath from $35,000+

  • Medium Master Bath with separate shower and tub - $35,000- $45,000

  • Large Master Bath, tub, shower. custom cabinetry, tile, architectural details- $50,000- $80,000


Whole House Renovations from $195,000+



One big mistake that homeowners often make in trying to find these answers is calling contractors out to give them a "bid" before they have planned and designed their project. Unless you have a full set of plans with a detailed scope of work, you cannot get an accurate bid at this stage of the game. The best you can hope for is to get a ballpark on what projects like yours cost, so that you decide if you want to proceed with the design of your project. Once you have the design and have selected everything, then you are in a position to get the true costs. This is what the design/build model is all about and why more and more saavy homeowners are choosing this way of approaching their home remodeling project.


As a design/build firm, DreamBuilders is in the unique position of knowing what things cost, and how to design a project to meet your budget.We can help you establish a realistic budget for your project before you design anything. This allows you to determine how to proceed with your project. With an established and realistic budget for your project, you can then design with the peace of mind of knowing that you are staying within budget


To schedule a complimentary consultation, call (916)933-7371.


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